Anti Red Mite Drinkmix

For a life without red mites


What is Anti Red Mite Drinkmix

Anti Red Mite Drink Mix stimulates the bird’s immune system in such a way that a protein is produced that is not digestible for the aphid. The blood of the mite coagulates by taking the blood of the bird. Anti Red Mite Drink Mix ensures that the bird is less sensitive to stress.


Anti Red Mite Drink Mix contains a mixture of herbal extracts and vitamin C. The combination of these herbs stimulates the immune system, has an antioxidant and antimicrobial effect and supports the skin’s healing capacity. Due to the activation of the immune system, the bird is able to produce a protein that is not digestible for the red mite. As a result, the development of bird mites will stagnate and the population will decline. In addition, extra vitamin C leads to a reduction in the hormone corticosterone, which is also known as the stress hormone. This makes the bird less sensitive to stress.

Characteristics of the red mite

The red mite is currently one of the most harmful parasites in both the national and international poultry sector. The red mite needs several blood meals to be able to develop into an adult red mite, after which the females can lay eggs. The bird is the ideal source for these blood meals, but this has negative consequences for the bird itself. The red mite can draw about 0.2 milligram of blood per feeding, which means that with a high population of red mites a considerable part of the total blood volume of the bird can be absorbed per night. This often leads to a weakened and irritated bird, unrest in the aviary and ultimately reduced technical results. Good control is therefore crucial. However, many pesticides are currently under pressure due to possible resistance and danger to human and animal health. A good natural alternative to these pesticides is Vita Vogel’s Anti Red Mite Drink Mix!

The facts

  • The development from egg to adult bird mite can be completed within 7 days.
  • The female adult bird mite lays 1 to 9 eggs per day and 50 eggs during her life.
  • 45% of the eggs actually grow into adult mites.
  • The population of bird mites can double in 6 days.
  • The population reaches its peak after 150 days.
  • The bird mite can survive up to 9 months in the absence of food.

What does Anti Bloedluis Drinkmix do?

Various practical tests have shown that after using the basic product of Anti Red Mite Drinking Mix, the mite population in different housing systems and with hens of different ages remains low or decreases. For reliable measurement, red mite traps have been placed throughout the house in various stalls. This gave a good picture of the total red mite population in the barn.

How to dose?

Curative use: Dose 10 ml Anti Red Mite Drink Mix on 1 liter of water for 5-7 days. Or 10 drops per water bowl. Anti Red Mite Drinkmix can be used as a preventive measure, we recommend applying this 2 days a week.

Anti Red Mite Drinkmix is available in handy dosing bottles of 100, 250 and 500 ml.