Calcium Boost Bone & Egg Shell

Calcium Boost for strong bones and a firm egg shell


What is Calcium Boost?

Vita Vogel Calcium Boost has been specially developed to be able to administer the essential minerals calcium and phosphorus to birds and hobby chickens via drinking water. The specific recipe of Calcium Boost consists of the ingredients Calcium, Phosphorus, Choline Chloride and organic acids.

What Does Calcium Boost Do?

Calcium Boost ensures strong bones and a firm egg shell. It promotes fertility and appetite. It also contributes to healthy liver function due to the organic acids. Finally, the acids ensure that the growth of bacteria, fungi and yeasts is inhibited. The effect of liquid food supplements Minerals such as calcium and phosphorus are often not or too little absorbed from the regular (power) diet. They usually pass directly into the feces. In powder form, think of seed-eating birds, the minerals remain in the feeder. In liquid form, through drinking water, minerals are well absorbed. This also explains the rapidly growing number of Vita Vogel users; our liquid food supplements have a proven effective effect. Calcium and Phosphorus deficiencies can cause serious health problems in birds. As a preventive measure, Calcium Boost is therefore recommended for all bird and chicken lovers.

How to dose

Curative use: Dose 10 ml Calcium Boost on 1 liter of water for 5 to 14 days. Or 15 drops per 100 ml drinking bowl. For preventive use, we recommend administering Calcium Boost 2 to 3 consecutive days a week.