Con Brio Breath Free

Con Brio Breath Free supports breathing more freely


What is Con Brio Breath Free?

Con Brio is an all-natural product, based on two essential oils: eucalyptus and peppermint, combined with organic menthol from the peppermint plant. The water-soluble formula can be used in both water and an atomiser spray.

How does Con Brio work?

1,8 Cineol (the active ingredient in eucalyptus oil) and menthol (from the peppermint plant) have for decades been known for their relieving effect on respiration. Both essential oils have an antimicrobial effect that has been tested extensively in many scientific studies.

During an airway inflammation, the cells in the upper respiratory tract produce mucus. Mucus can act as a blockage and cause shortness of breath. In addition to its antimicrobial effect, 1,8 cineol reduces the mucus layer in three ways: by reducing the underlying inflammation, by stimulating the cilia that remove mucus and by decreasing mucus production. Menthol is one of the most frequently used products to lighten the symptoms of a cold. It has a soothing and cooling effect on the throat and also gives the sensation of more free respiration. Higher (outside) temperatures and a dusty environment can hinder your bird’s breathing. Adding Con Brio to the water supply can support your bird to breathe more freely.

What’s the proper dosage?

Curative usage: 10 ml Con Brio per 1 litre of drinking water, during 1-4 days. Alternatively, 15 drops per drinking bowl. Mix the specified amount of Con Brio with lukewarm water (maximum 40 degrees). Diluted Con Brio may be added to the water supply for 24 hours, for 1-4 days. Preventatively, Con Brio can be used continuously. We advise adding Con Brio 4 days per week.