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We regularly receive questions about the effect of our liquid food supplements. Vita Vogel always tries to answer your questions so that the products are used in the most effective way. Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a question about a product or are not sure which product is best suited for your bird, please contact us.

The products cannot be mixed together in the water. It is possible to use different water bowls with different products and to give them to the birds at the same time. Most users choose certain products because the feeds they use do not contain sufficient nutrients and/or vitamins. In addition, our products contribute to a good condition of your bird.

Our liquid food supplements should never be mixed with other products and/or other brands. The reason for this is that we can no longer guarantee our quality.

Our products are for sale through the resellers that you can find on our website, under the ‘Product Availibility’ button. Our resellers often have their own webshop, but there is almost always a store near you.

The Vita Vogel range contains 2 products with which the pH value (acidity) of the water can be influenced, namely Vivace and Gustoso in particular. Both products contain buffered organic acids. The main purpose of Gustoso is that it has an antibacterial effect, both on the drinking water and in the gastrointestinal tract of a bird. Gustoso also promotes good digestion. However, if the dose is too high, the water will become too acidic and the bird will drink less or no more water.

Amino acids are acids that are naturally present in a bird. Of the twenty occurring amino acids, several are missing in the bird that can be supplemented by adding liquid additives. Vivace contains amino acids, namely: Tryptophan, Threonine, Methionine and Lysine.

For all liquid food supplements from Vita Vogel, the eggs can be eaten normally, the supplements are completely safe.

Both Vivace and Gustoso are pH controlled and in most birds the pH value should be brought below 4. The megabacterium is in the glandular stomach. By keeping the pH of the glandular stomach low, the bird can fight the bacteria and maintain its resistance. It is recommended to add acids to the drinking water as a preventive measure. This leads to a reduction in acidity, which can have an inhibitory effect on the growth of bacteria and fungi. However, this treatment does not help to fight the infection. In addition, optimizing nutrition, housing and care is essential, because this allows the resistance of the bird(s) to be increased, so that infection can be prevented.

There are no supplements in our products that specifically affect the color of the birds’ plumage. We do have experience with the quality of the plumage in ducks. When using Vivace on ducks, we see a thicker plumage. Vivace can be used for a more beautiful plumage, but it has no specific influence on the color.

With the breeding season approaching, it is important that birds are in good condition and have sufficient energy and a good immune system. Vivice contributes to this. One of the other properties of Vivace is that it contains calcium. Calcium contributes to stronger bones and a firm egg shell, which is important for good breeding results.

Vita Vogel products have a shelf life of at least 2 years, but even after that the effect will only gradually decrease. Even after mixing, the shelf life remains good, provided the mixed product is kept slightly dark and cool. It is also important that no pollution such as dust particles enters.

Both Gustoso and Vivace can have an effect. Gustoso because it improves digestion and Vivace because it contains choline that supports good liver function.