Mezzoforte Multi Vitamins

Mezzoforte Multi Vitamins, for the optimal dosage of vitamins and nutrients


What is Mezzoforte Multi Vitamins?

Mezzoforte is a balanced vitamin mix that contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glucose and organic acids for your bird. Mezzoforte can be added to the water supply for oral treatment of vitamin deficiencies. Mezzoforte is suitable for long-term usage, to complement nutrients and to stimulate the natural immune system. Vitamin K is found in green leafy vegetables, but also in other vegetables, fruit, milk and milk products, meat, eggs and grains. A daily dosage of Mezzoforte adds to a balanced diet.

How does Mezzoforte work?

Mezzoforte stimulates the natural immune system, adds to a balanced diet and supplements the required building blocks.


Nutritional additives: 3a672a Vitamin A, 3a820 Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, 3a831 Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, 3a300 Vitamin C, 3a700 Vitamin E, 3a710 Vitamin K, 3a671 Vitamin D3, 3a880 Biotin, 3a316 Folic acid, Inositol, 3a315 Niacinamide, 3a841 Pantothenic acid.

What’s the proper dosage?

Curative usage: 5 ml Mezzoforte per 1 litre of drinking water. Alternatively, 5 drops per drinking bowl. Preventatively, Mezzoforte can be used continuously. We advise adding Mezzoforte 4 days per week.