Vitalkaline Foam Cleaner Pro

the most effective foam cleaner for all animal enclosures

Vitalkaline is a powerful, alkaline foam cleaner that has been specially developed for cleaning organic pollution (such as feces) in all animal houses, such as stables, boxes, dog houses, litter boxes, poultry / bird houses and horse stables / boxes.

Why use Vitalkaline Foam Cleaner Pro?

  • Vitalkaline Pro Foam Cleaner produces a powerful foam layer that has an extra long effect on the pollution with a contact time of 10 to a maximum of 30 minutes (for stubborn dirt).
  • An additional advantage of the longer contact time is that an optimal result is achieved with fewer resources (water, energy and time).
  • Vitalkaline also acts in possible accessible places such as cracks, seams and corners.
  • Vitalkaline Pro Foam Cleaner has also been specially developed to clean vertical surfaces. The foam also soaks on vertical surfaces.
  • Superficial contamination is quickly removed.

Professional cleaner

Vitalkaline Foam Cleaner Pro has been used in the professional sector in many countries for many years and we are therefore pleased that we can now also offer this effective cleaning agent to the hobby animal lover.

Vitalkaline Foamcleaner Pro

Easy to use

So the powerful, alkaline foam does the work for you; You only need to apply the foam to the contaminated surface, the foam will soak off the dirt (maximum exposure time 30 minutes) and then rinse clean with water.

The foam works very effectively even with stubborn dirt, but it is very important that the foam does not dry out.

What is Vitalkaline Foam Cleaner Pro ?

Alkaline means alkaline. Alkaline is the opposite of acid. Alkaline is from pH 7.1 to 14.0. Well-known examples of alkaline cleaners are soap, soda or amonia. An alkaline cleaner is always degreasing and is therefore not suitable for pollution such as rust or lime. The more alkaline the liquid, the better it degreases. Basically, fats are acidic, so it needs an alkaline counterpart to clean this contamination.

Circle of Sinner

Sinner, a German chemist, has put the cleaning process in a pie chart: the Circle of Sinner. Vitalkaline Pro has been developed to get the best possible ratio between the 4 factors of this circle:

4 factors play a role in cleaning:

  1. Chemical effect / by means of a cleaning agent.
  2. Time / the time that the cleaning agent can act on the dirt.
  3. Mechanical action / by movement such as washing, brushing, scrubbing and scrubbing.
  4. Temperature / the height of the temperature influences the cleaning process.

These factors all influence each other. As one factor increases, the others decrease. Due to the effective effect of the Vitaline Foam Cleaner Pro, the chemistry factor increases and the movement factor can become smaller because you have to brush less. Due to the effective action of the foam, there is an optimal balance between the 4 factors. The time factor increases somewhat because you let the product soak for a maximum of 30 minutes. You apply the foam to the contaminated surface (both horizontally and vertically), let it soak in and then rinse the surface clean.

The cleaning process can often be accelerated as the temperature increases. Most water-based cleaners can be used lukewarm. However, raising the temperature is not always possible. Sometimes the material that is contaminated cannot tolerate too high a temperature. There are also cleaning products that should not be heated, for example lime removers.

Finally, it is not recommended to increase the temperature when removing protein residues. At higher temperatures they will solidify and stick to the surface. Cold water is sufficient using Vitalkaline Foam Cleaner Pro. There are also limits to the dosing of chemical products: dosing more does not always yield a faster and better cleaning result, and it is bad for the environment.

Cirkel of Sinner