It is wonderful that Vita Vogel has offered us this and we hope to help many birds with this.

Vogelasiel Someren Foundation is an organization that takes care of weakened, sick and / or injured animals. We take care of them and when they have fully recovered they are released back into nature. The foundation works with volunteers and we are completely dependent on gifts and donors. This year is a great year and we have already taken in 2,400 birds and 60 mammals.

Since 2011 we have been working on obtaining a permit to remain in our place. The session of the Council of State has been and now we have to wait for the verdict. Then we can create new outdoor spaces so that we can continue to shelter all animals. The foundation is also aided by a vet, who does everything for free and a few companies who give us free food, such as fish, bread, vegetables and meat.

Since this year, we have been able to try the liquid nutritional supplements of VitaVogel on weakened birds. The results are very positive. Recovery is smoother than without these supplements and antibiotic use is minimized.

This year, droughts brought in many waterfowl. They weaken due to waste water and we then made extensive use of the supplements. A quicker recovery as a result, that is what it is about so that they could be placed back in nature as a healthy bird. Because you only have to add it in the drinking water, it is also an easy way to administer it to weakened birds.

It is wonderful that VitaVogel has offered us this and we hope to help many birds with this.

Thanks again,

Pepie Smits,

Administrator Stichting Vogelasiel Someren.

This is a really good product.

I used Gustoso with my birds for the first time this weekend. My suspicion was that it could catch on well and quickly with my birds. It was certainly confirmed, firmer stools, birds are more lively, feathering is less pasture so more closed. Better food digestion and thus a better appetite. I am very pleased with it, for the first 2 days the amount was kept as it stands. After the 2nd day given 5 ml less so that from now on I can give all days than 4 times a week. This is a really good tool.

Andre Ganzevles,