Multi Herbal Drinkmix

Multi Herbal Drinkmix

What is Multi Herbal Drinkmix?

Multi Herbal Drinkmix contains a mixture of herbal extracts and vitamin C. The combination of these herbs supports the immune system and supports the regenerative capacity of the skin. In addition, extra vitamin C contributes to the reduction of the hormone corticosterone, which is also known as the stress hormone. This contributes to a reduction in stress sensitivity.

How to dose?

Curative use: Dose 10 ml Multi Herbal Drinkmix on 1 litre of water for 5-7 days. Or 10 drops per drinking bowl. Preventive Multi Herbal Drinkmix can be used continuously, we advise to administer this 2 days a week.

Multi Herbal Drinkmix is ​​available in handy dosing bottles of 50, 250 and 500 ml.

Approach red mite or bird mite

Known and feared by bird lovers: the red mite or the birdmite. This animal has a great effect on the welfare of your bird / chicken. Birds and chickens are an ideal source of the red mite, leading to weakened and irritated birds and chickens. The birds and chickens experience negative effects such as stress, reduced laying, wounds / skin irritations and anaemia.

There are several reasons why they are so difficult to combat:

  • Red mites are very tough animals that live under many circumstances. The cycle from egg to adult aphid lasts 1 week.
  • An adult red mite lives about 30 days and lays about 8 eggs a day. The eggs are able to hatch for 2 years.
  • During the day, the red mites crawl into cracks and seams, making them difficult to reach.
  • The nests are often many layers thick, making it difficult to eradicate the entire nest.

Plan of action

To tackle the blood louse and its negative consequences, Vita Vogel has developed the plan of action below, in which hygiene and the welfare of the bird / chicken are central.

Step 1

The most important thing is regular thorough cleaning of the birdhouse. Make sure that the seams and cracks are also cleaned properly.

Step 2

Make sure that general hygiene is always in order. This means regularly cleaning the bird house, removing faeces, etc. and providing clean drinking water. So change the drinking water regularly

Step 3

It is almost impossible to eradicate the red mite 100%. The conditions for the red mite are ideal during the summer period. If the red mite is present in the bird house, use Vita Vogel Multi Herbal Drinkmix. This effective and natural herbal product supports the condition of your bird / chicken and focuses on the welfare of your bird / chicken. Multi Herbal Drinkmix is ​​added to the drinking water of your bird / chicken.

Vita Vogel Multi Herbal Drinkmix

  • stimulates the immune system.
  • makes the bird less sensitive to stress.
  • supports the regenerative capacity of the skin.
  • is easy to use.

Step 4

Keep your bird in top condition. The liquid nutritional supplements of Vita Vogel contribute to an optimal functioning of the vital functions of your bird. On our website you will find all information about our products.